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Rods and Reels

    These are our recommendations, but there are other rods and reels that can used in place of our suggestions.  If you have any questions please call us or visit one of the Tackle stores listed on the Tackle page.

Rods Reels Line
3-4 day trips    
Makaira MK-C-701M     Available for Rent Okuma Cortez Izorline 30 lb.
Makaira MK-C-701H      Available for Rent Okuma Cedros Izorline 40 lb.
Calstar 700H                    Available for Rent Accurate Fury 600 Izorline 50 lb.
5-8 day trips    
Calstar 800H Accurate Boss 600 Izorline 50 lb.
Calstar 765XH Accurate Boss 30 Izorline 60 lb.
Calstar 770XH Okuma Makaira 20 Izorline 800 lb.
10-16 day trips    
Phenix PHD703XH Okuma Makaira 30 Izorline 1000 lb.
Calstar 770XXH Accurate 50 Izorline 130 lb.
Calstar 770XXXH Accurate 50 W Izorline Unlimited
Calstar 765XXXH Accurate 80 Kite Fishing

Please use Calstar, Phenix,  Okuma Makaira and

 Seeker Rods  with Izorline Monofilament, they are the BEST.

*Seeker Rods have similar Part #'s as Calstar

The Red Rooster III also offers quality rods for rent.

If you have a single speed International reel,

please have it converted by Cal's Two Speeds.