Dec.  18, 2014

Yesterday we had pretty good action on school size fish. Biggest fish about 75 pounds.  We did see some bigger fish but no bites. We ended the day with 90 tuna that we kept.

Dec. 17, 2014

Good evening folks we had a nice day today .Classic ridge fishing . on the anchor catching school size tuna and yellowtail.  We picked up a few wahoo in the mix as well. Tomorrow we are going to spend the day down at the Lower Banks looking for some Jack Pot fish. Hopefully it works out

Andy Cates

Dec. 14, 2014

Good evening folks. We left yesterday on our holiday 10 day trip sponsored by Izorline Calstar and Accurate.  We had a nice day of travel. Did a seminar and passed out 20 different rods and reels for use from Accurate and Calstar.

With the gear everyone will have a chance to use some state of the art gear on the trip. We are hoping to start with some wahoo action tomorrow at Alijos rocks.

Hopefully the wahoo 's are waiting. We will get in there at about lunch time

Andy Cates