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Current Report

Oct. 27, 2016
First place
Matt Smith with a 308lbs yellowfin tuna
Caught on a Calstar rod with an Accurate 50 and 130lbs izorline and a Caballito for bait.
2nd place
Jackpot goes to Jeff Rader with a 213lbs yellowfin tuna Caught on a Seeker Rod and a Makaira Okuma 20 with 100 pound test with a Caballito on a 4/0 Trokar hook
3rd place
Jackpot goes to Bob Michener with a 196lbs yellowfin tuna Caught on an Accurate 50 with a Calstar rod ,100 pound Izorline and a Mustad Hook


Oct.26, 2016
A few bites this morning.

Oct.  25, 2016
Good sign of fish today but not biting.
Conditions were tough with no wind and no current.
Heading in to try for bait and hope they are biting tomorrow


Less sign here so far this morning with no bites on the tuna.
Bill Cambell and Nick with this nice Dorado on another big floating piece of hay.
Hopefully y we start getting a few bites soon


Oct. 24, 2016
Only a handful of bites so far today .
This 75 pounder is the only one we could hang on to as of now.
Good sign of big fish hopefully we can get a few bites before dark.
We found this floating haystack but only had small tuna on it.
They don't bite as well....
We will keep trying
Tough day here with watching fish that don't bite .Matt Smith pulled it off at the end of the day with this 308 pound yellowfin on a Cavallito with the Accurate Calstar combo.
Matt looks to be getting a brand new Accurate thanks to Jack Neilson.
We ate going to fish tonight and see if that's when we can catch a few


Oct. 23, 2016

Trying for bait right now with slow results. The guys all got on safely before sunset and had a nice Beef Wellington dinner.
Now we are just waiting and hoping the bait will bite


Oct. 23, 2016
First place Jack Pot goes to Ron Lara with a 254 pound yellowfin tuna
Caught on an Accurate 50 wide with a Calstar rod while flyline a Caballito


2nd place Jack Pot goes to Randy Paul with a 214 pound yellowfin
caught on an Accurate 80 with a Calstar rod while using Caballito on the Trokar 8/0 hooks
3rd place Jackpot goes to Erik Meek with a 207 pound yellowfin
caught on a Makaira 20 and a Seeker Rod wile flylining a Caballito

Oct. 22, 2016
These little squid are what the fish are on and they are stuffed with them
We will be headed in tonight and leaving for another trip with the Accurate boys again.
The gear is great thanks again and special thanks to Seeker Rods and Okuma reels reels for additional loaner gear


Oct. 21, 2106
We might be on to something now.
Ron Kara with this 254 pound yellowfin on the Calstar and
Accurate 50 wide.
Juan Lara with a 193 on the kite.
Only a couple of bites but found another stop with good scattered fish and waiting for a bite.
We see it around!

Oct. 20, 2016

This water temp sure makes for a hot day on the water.
We have made a few stops on small fish.
Nothing to report at lunch time.
It's starting to look like it is a night fishing thing.
We are going to cover more area this afternoon and see if we can come up with anything worthy

We got everyone on board last night and happy to get started .
We fish for bait and purchased bait from the locals.
It was a very nice experience the Panga fisherman were very polite and conducted business very professionally.
I would recommend getting bait from them to anyone.
We made it up to the offshore grounds and hour before daylight and had a little sign with 4 fish hooked but only one landed....
153 pounder .
We had another that looked good at color at least high hundreds.
Anyway just getting situated here and on the move .
No bites after daylight.
We will post later