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Current Report

June 30, 2016

Checking in for the morning we got a slight breeze with a few foot swell coming out of the west northwest so a little bumpy bit not bad by any means. We're looking for the odd school of yellowfin out here and hopefully connect otherwise were going to be trying for those elusive Bluefin tomorrow hope it's as good weather at home as it is out here talk to you guys later.
Derek Waldman

June 29, 2016
Brian sneaking one in passed the shark's
And does he need an introduction. . .
Randy Ladd with a good one says take that Kody
Ben with his first hoo this morning.
Pat with a 40 pounder


June 28, 2016

Good little action here this afternoon with some better grade yellows and a few grouper to go around. We decided to go out to the rocks for tomorrow and see if we can capture a few wahoo so wish us luck see ya'll in the morning
Derek Waldman


Sal and Gene with a pair of 30# plus fish


John again here with one close to 30#


Sonny McVey and Randy with a couple


Not much happening this afternoon except chef mike's killer chicken cesar salads and we put our top guy behind the binos, get Em Sonny

Brian with a nice troll fish and Nick on the gaff
Mahoney up next
got this one
via cowbell
Last but not least here is Chris with a fat skinny on the bomb!!!
Get you some Chris



Here's Adell and Gary, Sonny and Pedro, and Warren

Good morning folks we got a run on these better 30-40# yellows last night here's McVey and John with a couple


June 27, 2016

Well gang nothing to report except exceptional weather and good fishing in the morning obviously but this evening we never connected with anything substantial so a few more miles till we anchor up for the evening and try again tomorrow we will get you in the AM
Derek Waldman
Found some tuna out here but not the right size all 5-8# so we're heading back up to see if any wahoo pushed in with this new water that came in yesterday it went up into the 70° mark so fingers crossed again
Well folks the afternoon quest for tuna continues on with no sign as of yet now it's like a crusade in these awesome conditions slight breez and little swell it's perfect for looking so with the mast and helm full of stabiscopes were hoping to have a good report soon
Derek Waldman


June 26, 2016

All in all a nice day here with good action for most of the afternoon then around 4:30ish it definitely tapered off but we would hook one here and there till dark now we're off moving south to start in a new area in the morning. And with the weather report holding favorable conditions for us were looking forward to it
Derek Waldman


June 25, 2016

Lance and Adell hooked up here for a little action before dark as we roll south tonight. We picked up a handful of yellows and released a few as well just getting the yayas out before tomorrow. Hopefully we find what we're looking for there have a good night guys and girls I'll be checking in maņana


Adell and the gang from Vegas and local boy Jay on the end there with a solid 25 ‪#‎er


We stopped on a kelp here to see if it had some dinner fish and it did we ended up with 7 nice yellows Shane got two here on the plug along with Ben Frizzell



June 24, 2016

Good evening anglers. We cleared the point about 2pm this afternoon with a great load of bait and good weather on our annual Mahoney McVey 8 day charter. We're headed south hoping to be in the grounds day after tomorrow so wish us luck and with everyone stuffed with chef mike's beef Wellington and thus weather it's going to be a good night's rest wish us luck I will check back in tomorrow.
Derek Waldman