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   It is our desire to make your trip the best one ever. We can help by making you as well informed as possible. Toward that end, we have compiled a list of questions that are often asked. The answers have been worked out over many trips, and although they will vary slightly from one trip to the next, they are still correct.

HOW ARE YOUR FISH MARKED? The crew will furnish you with a set of numbered tags. Keep these tags clipped to your rod belt while fishing. When you catch a fish, you will hand a tag to the crewman who gaffed your fish. The crew member will staple your tag to the fish and it will be placed in the refrigerated brine tanks immediately so as it will be in prime condition.

HOW IS THE JACKPOT HANDLED? The pot will be $20.00 per person on trips up to 5 days, and $30.00 per person on trips over 5 days which is collected at the time of sign-in. No one will be allowed to enter the jackpot after the boat sails. The jackpot will be divided to the heaviest fish as follows: 50% to the first place, 30% second place and 20% to third. If one person has more than one fish in the top three then that person may collect for only one place. In the case of a tie, the tying fishermen will decide what to do. All fish in contention will be weighed on the scales in San Diego. All decisions are final. All fish are eligible for the jackpot except sharks, rays, black sea bass, marlin, sailfish and fish mutilated by sharks or seals. Trolling fish DO NOT count in the jackpot. A winner must fight and land his own fish, with no assistance from others except by a crew member. The crewman may only take the rod from the fishermen to help him get untangled from any condition that is beyond the fisherman's control. In the case of a broken rod or reel, the fish may be handlined in by a crewman and still be eligible for the jackpot only if the fish is at color. In the case of a dispute the captain's decision is final.


WHERE DO WE GET BAIT AND WHAT KIND DO WE HAVE? When leaving San Diego for the fishing grounds you will stop at the bait receivers for a large supply of live anchovies and/or sardines. You will augment this supply by catching bait, usually pacific and spanish mackerel. This bait is not the property of the boat but is the property of those who help catch it. We supply the anchovies for both chum and small hook bait, but mackerel is an entirely separate issue. Bait fishing is not an option, it is a requirement for all. Nothing will cause hard feeling faster than a person using the bait they have not helped catch. Besides it can be a lot of fun and many nice fish have been caught while fishing for bait at night.

CATCHING MORE FISH? The most important and simplest way is what we like to call "go to the head of the line" system. We will try to explain: most of the time the current will run off one quarter of the hull and stern of the boat, so that if you were to cast out from the opposite side and then follow your line as the current carried it you would end up on the current side of the boat. Then if each time you and your fellow fishermen retrieve your line, re-bait and then go to the head of the line and cast out again. By the end of the day you will find that you have fished longer and caught more fish with less tangles than any other method ever used.

WHAT SIZE IS YOUR TACKLE RACK ON THE MAIN DECK? We have 4 tackle racks above deck level, and the height per tackle rack is 16”. We also extra tackle storage of tackle boxes on our "bus stop" seating area and opposite from our cleaning station (@ 4-8 addition tackles boxes).